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We help Leaders and Teams Turbo-Boost their Effectiveness

Whether it is through our Leadership programs, workshops, coaching or Executive team partnerships or attending a public course our work is consistently described as Practical, UsefulChallenging and Insightful

"The workshop on Humility challenged our thinking about how Humility works and what it contributes. The session inspired us to think about our levels of Humility. Even the skeptics loved it, and saw the business benefits"


What We Do


Leadership Programs

We offer a range of short, medium and longer-term Leadership Programs designed to help leaders to be more effective in their Operational, Cultural, Performance, Servant, Adaptive, and Change leadership.


Leadership Workshops

Offered individually or in a series, our Leadership workshops focus on key areas of Leadership context, skills and understanding. These can be tailored in their duration, and to meet certain leadership levels or specific areas of skill.


Performance Workshops

We offer a range of workshops focused on the why and how of improving performance. Our content focuses on the ‘basics’ exceptionally well and consistently. Think business fundamentals such as setting expectations, managing difficult conversations, best-practice meetings and building a culture of accountability.


Engagement Workshops

We help your team and Leaders strengthen and express their Emotional Intelligence, Grit, Resilience, Personal Boundaries and Self-awareness. This brings enormous personal and professional upside to conversation quality, well-being, energy and vibe, workplace empathy as well as performance.


Change Workshops

Whatever your workplace changes our workshops focus on helping your Leaders and team through the emotional journey that will accompany it.  Our change workshops manage resistance, fear, and ‘the noise’, which sets your change initiative up for success.


Executive Coaching

We work with Senior and Executive Leaders in support of long-term skill development, and to boost specific skills when needed. Our coaching is goal-oriented, challenging and action-focused. We offer individual and small-group coaching formats.


Executive Team Partnerships

We partner with Executive Teams to refine and hone the HOW of Leadership both individually and as a cohesive unit. When the team at the top is aligned, constructive and clear, your entire organisation benefits.


Bespoke Interventions

We work with our clients on blended and tailored solutions that work. Whether you have a dysfunctional team we need to work with, or a change initiative that’s in trouble, or a group of Leaders who need an immediate skill boost, we can help.

Google Reviews 5.0



Deb’s course with my team at Quantium was the single best professional development program I’ve experienced! She’s a natural at her role, and great at tailoring best practices to the specific needs and scenarios we had with our clients. Would love to work with her again!

Michael Panich

Deb really gets how to get performance through people. I’ve always found her advice to be practical and effective.

Regina Warth

Deb is an amazing facilitator completely recommend their programs. They will challenge you and help you learn and grow.

Main Services


Leadership Development Programs

Tailored, targeted, modularised programs delivered in-person or virtually that span a few months, through to 18 months for deep behaviour and culture change.


Workshops on Leadership, Performance, Engagement and Change

These can be anything from 90 minutes to 2 days and can be delivered as a stand-alone or in a series. These are fantastic for Lunch ’n learns, team-based development, and in support of organisational change and restructures.


Public Workshops

One day, high-impact workshops held in Sydney and Melbourne for Leaders and employees who want to take their skill sets and understanding to the next level. We offer workshops on  Giving and Receiving Feedback and Managing Difficult Conversations.

Hundreds of Leaders and team members have experienced deep personal insight and profound professional shifts at these workshops. 



Executive Coaching

We coach Executives who want to be held at their edge by a coach who ‘gets it’. Our coaching is challenging, and help Executive make and sustain real change across their Leadership environment.

We coach in individual, small group and team formats. Our coaching engagements are transparent, measured and results-focused. 




What Clients Are Saying

"Deb is believable, passionate and respectful in leading her audience to reach their own personal outcome for BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE - this is a rare skill in a facilitator."

Raechel Gavin Group Executive- People & Culture Quantium

"Deb’s approach was to ensure I was going on my own journey, which led me to discover things about myself that I had not previously been aware of. She then guided and supported me to build a plan to help me achieve both my personal and professional goals. My leadership skills are certainly stronger today from the coaching I received from Deb. "

Mel Robertson - VP - People, Culture & Network E360

"The workshop on Humility challenged our thinking about how Humility works and what it contributes. The session inspired us to think about our levels of Humility. Even the skeptics loved it, and saw the business benefits"

Loraine Dartnel - NRMA

"I got a huge amount out of the Leadership course this year, it has really made me re-evaluate a lot of my behaviours. A big take-away for me has been that to advance and get better at what I do is not about putting in more hours and taking control of everything, but being more effective and creating environments for the team and myself to grow and deliver great outcomes. It is all very much a work in progress, but I feel I have more tools to know what to do."

Participant - 12 month Leadership accelerator

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