We help Leaders and Teams Turbo-Boost their Effectiveness.

PRACTICAL, CHALLENGING, USEFUL and INSIGHTFUL are the words most used to describe our programs, workshop, coaching and courses. Our obsession is working with Leaders, teams and employees to create substantial and sustained behaviour change. 


What You Can Expect


Challenge & Growth

We don’t do “training-tainment”. Our participants can expect an environment that combines and balances Psychological Safety and challenge so they can extend their understanding, skills and confidence. Growth = support + challenge!



More than 50% of all our workshops and courses are practical. Virtually, in-person or hybrid our work includes immersions, group work, live polling, discussion and lots of Q&A time.


Turbo-Boosted Confidence

We help our participants understand and practice new skills, as well as cement the strengths they already have. Our courses and coaching have inspired participants to profound behaviour change once they see what they are capable of.


Practical Outcomes

This isn’t a research or theory download. Our workshops and courses are practical, action and behaviour oriented. We promise to engage with our participants’ existing experience and skill sets, and to expand on those, delivering practical outcomes with them and for them.


Personal insights

Personal insights are the Why of behaviour change. No skill development or new behaviour can be sustained without personal insight. All of our workshops and courses balance and deliver personal insights that facilitate understanding and professional behaviour change.


Focused Behaviour Change

Our ”walk away” is not 55 actions. Our participants leave our workshops with several deep personal insights, and key, foundational behaviour shifts they can be implemented immediately. Our courses build on insight and action over time to create new Leadership contexts among participants. 


Empirical Research & Models

We use high-quality research and established models in our courses. They’re combined with experience, practical realities and skill building to synthesise the Why, What and How for our participants.


Great Resources

We share key slides and further resources with all our participants and a course summary immediately post the workshop. Additionally, we offer multiple simple ongoing resource options. These tools help everyone to stay on track and embed learnings post our workshops.

Google Reviews 5.0



Deb’s course with my team at Quantium was the single best professional development program I’ve experienced! She’s a natural at her role, and great at tailoring best practices to the specific needs and scenarios we had with our clients. Would love to work with her again!

Michael Panich

Deb really gets how to get performance through people. I’ve always found her advice to be practical and effective.

Regina Warth

Deb is an amazing facilitator completely recommend their programs. They will challenge you and help you learn and grow.

How we help your Leaders and teams achieve ‘better’

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About Me

I’m Deb Assheton. I Bring Real Experience and Powerful Ways to Improve.

I have more than 20 years of experience at Executive and Board level leading large teams (3,000+) to achieve substantial and enduring engagement and performance results. I have lived and led through start-ups, mergers, high-growth environments, downsizing and culture transformation.

What this creates is immediate and enormous credibility with executive leaders and workshop participants. Our rich and engaging formats deliver context (research), understanding (self-awareness) and skills so our participants know what they need to do differently, and they can do it.

Expert team

If you are serious about helping your Leaders and team members become more skilled, more aware, and more effective then the Amplify Group team are here for you. We value how important our work is to your business. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients because of the results we deliver ad the way we deliver them. 

Whilst I lead the team for large-scale program delivery I draw from a team of expert facilitators, partners and contractors. Our team is dedicated to providing impactful, effective and industry-leading learning solutions and a long-term partnership.

Let’s chat and find out if we could be delivering the workshops, programs or coaching your people need. Schedule a phone consultation to explore our potential collaboration.


What Clients Are Saying

"Deb is believable, passionate and respectful in leading her audience to reach their own personal outcome for BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE - this is a rare skill in a facilitator."

Raechel Gavin Group Executive- People & Culture Quantium

"Deb’s approach was to ensure I was going on my own journey, which led me to discover things about myself that I had not previously been aware of. She then guided and supported me to build a plan to help me achieve both my personal and professional goals. My leadership skills are certainly stronger today from the coaching I received from Deb. "

Mel Robertson - VP - People, Culture & Network Expert360

"The workshop on Humility challenged our thinking about how Humility works and what it contributes. The session inspired us to think about our levels of Humility. Even the skeptics loved it, and saw the business benefits"

Loraine Dartnel - NRMA

"I got a huge amount out of the Leadership course this year, it has really made me re-evaluate a lot of my behaviours. A big take-away for me has been that to advance and get better at what I do is not about putting in more hours and taking control of everything, but being more effective and creating environments for the team and myself to grow and deliver great outcomes. It is all very much a work in progress, but I feel I have more tools to know what to do."

Participant - 12 month Leadership accelerator

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