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Our team described the Resilience and Grit workshop as ‘INSPIRATIONAL’, ‘AWESOME’, ‘INTERESTING’ and ‘DEEPLY MOTIVATING’.’

just the RIGHT AMOUNT of theory to add the required SUBSTANCE to the workshop and engage the audience from the GET-GO.

More than 90% of Amplify participants rate the personal and professional PRACTICALITY of our content as VERY HIGH

We seamlessly integrate research, theory, best practice and experience into formats that expand AWARENESS and build SKILLS you can apply TODAY

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We bring deep OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE to our Leadership development, facilitation, coaching and workshops. We focus on embedding new skills in the REAL WORLD.

We de-mystify leadership skills, values and change. We get beneath ‘labels’ to create UNDERSTANDING, INSIGHT and MOMENTUM

We use a foundation of high-quality RESEARCH and THINKING that sets the brain on-fire!

We bring deep OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE to our facilitation, coaching and design. We focus on making it work in the REAL WORLD.
We de-mystify change, values and skills, we get beneath ‘labels’ to create MEANING and MOMENTUM
We use a foundation of high-quality RESEARCH and THINKING that sets the brain on-fire!

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Uniquely practical programs and workshops

A greater degree of depth and challenge

Content grounded in research, experience and practical insight

We de-mystify theory and create practice

The keynote on HUMILITY challenged our thinking about how Humility works and what it contributes. The session inspired us to think about OUR OWN LEVELS OF HUMILITY.

Our employees left the session with lots of SIMPLE WAYS and tools to PRACTICE HUMILITY, and we have seen many ACTIONS as a result because of the stronger understanding they have.

Vanessa Hicks, HR Director Vodafone Australia