I have been thoroughly impressed and PERSONALLY IMPACTED as a result of Deb’s authentic, humble and engaging presentation style.

We really appreciated Deb’s AGILITY to align the workshop to our changing priorities at the 11th hour! True professional and great to work with

Deb is believable, passionate and respectful in leading her audience to reach their own personal outcome for BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE - this is a rare skill in a facilitator."

Deb’s approach was to ensure I was going on my own journey, which led me to discover things about myself that I had not previously been aware of. She then guided and supported me to build a plan to help me achieve both my personal and professional goals. My leadership skills are certainly stronger today from the coaching I received from Deb.

  • We bring deep leadership and operational experience. Nothing matches the experience of a facilitator or coach who really ‘gets it’.
  • Our work is renown for their relevance, practicality and immediate ‘take-aways’
  • Our business understanding means we integrate your entire context into what we deliver for you. We help participants to ‘connect dots’, and understand their role more broadly
  • We offer leading edge technologies that both enhance participant experience, and provide immediate culture and program reporting and feedback across your organisation. It’s all part of our service
  • We work with you and help with the internal tools needed to make our programs successful both immediately and over the longer term
  • Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do, from the way we understand your needs, to how we work with your employees. No detail is too small and nothing is overlooked in our quest to make an unforgettable impact.

Why Work With Us

  • Our extensive operational experience that means our workshops, training and coaching are uniquely practical and they tackle the real issues.
  • We offer a greater degree of depth and challenge across everything we do. Nothing is superficial, or ‘feel good’, instead our work is grounded in research, experience and practical insight
  • We respond to real questions with real answers, we relish real challenges and we facilitate real options
  • We blend research and experience in ways that are designed to generate self – awareness and accountability among participants for being the source of positive change in their lives. We de-mystify theory and create practice

Real leadership and operations experience
coupled with
exceptional facilitation and coaching


Our Mission

Help people cultivate a deeper personal awareness, and develop strong skills so they can thrive

  • At The Amplify Group we believe in Shared Aspiration – that all of our aspirations are ultimately aligned, and that we all benefit when we grow and win together. We believe all businesses have an important role to play in improving the lives of everyone they touch and connect with.
  • We are committed to supporting this abundant cycle in businesses and we love to work with businesses to foster and develop personal effectiveness one employee, one value and one conversation at a time.
  • We support employees to be more aware and bring their confidence, curiosity, courage, empathy and clarity to the work they do. In turn they drive conscious business performance and create customer advocates. We love to be the partner who helps employees develop the skills to live this way, and quite literally transform their organisation and their own lives.
  • We support Leaders to be both values-centered and inter-personally skilled so they can coach, inspire and harness the values, energy and passion of their employees and expand and grow the businesses they serve. We love to share practical, tactical, constructive and effective ways to implement values and develop skills so that Leaders can live this reality every day.