Mastering Change Workshop Series

Deb, you are so ARTICULATE and a great presenter! Loved your discussion on RESILIENCE and you are so right about the distractions!

Just WOW! Loved this presentation! So many nuggets and RESONATED so well - Loved the session and discussion around surviving to thrive throughout my career journey - Incredibly INSIGHTFUL and INSPIRING!

The instant and unbelievably positive audience FEEDBACK we received helped us to get EXECUTIVE BUY-IN for 3 more workshops

The Mind Your Head workshop had the FASTEST SIGN-UP of any workshop we have offered

  • Is your organisation going through change? This unique series of six workshops is designed to help your employees move with your change program.
  • In the workshops we deep dive into the many issues that arise as part of workplace change enabling your employees to understand, explore and have an outlet for expressing their experience, feelings, concerns and excitements
  • Workshops are paced with your change agenda (as much as possible), creating a relevant, empowering safety net that helps to ensure that your employees are emotionally moving through change, rather than getting stuck
  • Each workshop encourages, speaks-to and explores your employees personal change journey in an honest, open and real way in order to help them move with you for their benefit, and the organisations.
  • Each workshop can be run for between 2-hours – 4 hours. The difference in time is depth of content, and ability to explore personal challenges and experiences.
  • We can work with up to 50 people per session, or we can work in smaller, more intimate sessions as required

Mastering Change Series

Give your change program the best chance of engagement and success

Navigating Change

Personal Experience of Change

Maintaining Resilience and Grit in change

Leading ourselves through change

Overcoming disappointment in change

Fresh Starts

Leading others through change (For Managers/Leaders with team only)

“I found Deb’s session to be really refreshing. All too often these style of sessions are either airy fairy and neglect the REALITY OF A PROFESSIONAL WORKPLACE; or are so shallow in depth they don’t address the emotional and deeper significance of resilience and wellness. I thought Deb’s really HIT THE MARK.”

Amplify Participant, 2018