Short Workshops

The Mind Your Head workshop had the FASTEST SIGN-UP of any workshop we have offered

The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to RUN A MARATHON, rather than get WORN OUT BY THE SPRINT…

If you want to experience powerful LIGHT-BULB MOMENTS that are the catalyst for change, then you won't be disappointed.”

The instant and unbelievably positive audience FEEDBACK we received helped us to get EXECUTIVE BUY-IN for 3 more workshops

  • Punchy, energised workshops that deliver knowledge, insight and loads of actions
  • We synthesise peer-reviewed research from the positive psychology, business and high-performance fields to deliver the latest science and thinking
  • Our work is designed and facilitated from a deep operational grounding. Our content is relevant, built for workplace environments – ‘warts and all’
  • We design for high levels of inter-activity, audience activity and participation
  • We can deliver one-off workshops or large deployments across the organisation
  • Our service includes providing you with audience insights and workshop feedback

Leading And Managing

Learn the skills to achieve goals and results through others
Interactive engagement & technology
Audience resources & handouts
Audience activities & participation
Real-time audience feedback


Accountability can’t be dished out by leaders. To take Accountability means I have internalised  a goal or outcome. I can say to you “I have got this.’ Learn how to inspire this response in others

Participants will:

  • Review the research on accountability, what it is and isn’t
  • Understand how accountability works in a person and between people
  • Understand how best practice accountability works in a  team or group environments
  • Receive practical tips and tools for implementing learnings in the workplace


In a  global world characterised by collaboration, vast geography and increasing integration our ability to build strong relationships is a critical enabler of sustainable results

Participants will:

  • Review the research on what constitutes strong relationships
  • Understand the interdependency of relationship and performance
  • Learn how to build relationship with others in conversations and other communications
  • Understand how to work with a range of poor to healthy stakeholder relationships


How do we escape the hamster wheel of busy, busy, busy but not achieving meaningful results? There are proven methods for getting and staying focussed on performance in busy environments

Participants will:

  • Re-consider our every day view of ‘performance’ and ‘results’
  • Be challenged to focus on achievement rather than task or competition
  • Learn the role of goal setting and goal orientation in steering  and honing performance
  • Receive practical tips and tools for implementing learnings in the workplace


Step beyond SMART goals, they are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s goal hierarchies that organise, motivate and sustain high performance

Participants will

  • Understand the type of goals that motivate, and those that don’t
  • Hear jaw-dropping research about goal effectiveness
  • Learn how to set high quality, effective goals every time
  • Learn how to explain goal effectiveness to others


Delegating effectively requires leaders to possess the judgement and skill set to delegate the right work, to the right person, in the right way at the right time for the right result – this doesn’t happen by accident. This workshop re-invigorates the way we delegate for sharper performance and boosted engagement

Participants will

  • Have a  refreshed perspective on the role of delegation in performance achievement
  • Review research on best practice methods of delegation and its role in achievement and performance
  • Reflect on their own levels of comfort, confidence,  frequency and effectiveness of their delegation practices
  • Be inspired by receiving simple and practical tips for delegating more effectively every day at work


The transition from managing resources to leading the achievement of goals through others is not easy, and doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This workshop clarifies the transition, and offers ways to implement rapid changes effectively and consistently so we can lead with confidence sooner

Participants will

  • Have a new perspective on managing and leading and the workplace impacts of both approaches
  • Review empirically valid models that provide frameworks in which we can think, plan and act
  • Test themselves and their current preferences and styles as well as those of others
  • Receive simple and practical tips for consistently and confidently shifting to leading at work


Collaboration isn’t about ‘being nice’ to each other. Learn the perspective and skills to find common ground, understand ecosystems and create shared- same or shared – different goals. These skills can be applied with stakeholders, customers and peers

Participants will:

  • Understand the research on how collaboration drives effectiveness, performance and innovation
  • Understand the fundamentals of true sustainable and effective collaboration within organisations
  • Learn how to align around effective goals and build goal-oriented relationships
  • Receive practical tips for inspiring collaboration toward goals, in conversations and meetings


We are wired for social contribution and meaning. Research demonstrates that creating and sustaining meaning is often achieved not by what we do, but by the way we do it. This workshop explores ways to increase meaning in the goals and the tasks already happening in the workplace

Participants will

  • Learn about ‘meaning’ what it is and how it can be cultivated in the workplace
  • Review research on the direct relationship between meaning, performance and stress
  • Understand the role of goals and goal hierarchies in sustaining meaning
  • Receive simple and practical tips for building meaning into everyday ‘business as usual’ at work


In our fast paced, workload bulging, time poor workplace environments, it’s very easy to get stuck in a ‘do do do’ rut, and loose sight of the benefits of reflection, planning and thinking. This workshop shakes-up that pattern

Participants will

  • Be challenged to consider the real impacts of a do do do’ approach themselves or in their team
  • Review research on best practice planning and reflection methods which give space, improve clarity and performance in any busy workplace
  • Reflect on their own ‘doing’ and ‘thinking’ practices, including the benefits and pit-falls of their current approach
  • Be inspired by receiving simple and practical tips for thinking more, and ‘doing’ better every day at work

*Courses are available in 90-minutes workshop, ½  day workshop, keynote event or create your own event.

“Our team described this Resilience and Grit workshop as ‘INSPIRATIONAL’, ‘AWESOME’, ‘INTERESTING’ AND ‘DEEPLY MOTIVATING.’ The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to run a marathon (rather than get worn out by the sprint) by prompting lots of focus on how we stay focussed and ‘gritty’ in ACHIEVING GOALS and how we help ourselves and genuinely support each other to be more RESILIENT.”

Deborah Greenwood-Smith HR Director, Equiem