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The Mind Your Head workshop had the FASTEST SIGN-UP of any workshop we have offered

The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to RUN A MARATHON, rather than get WORN OUT BY THE SPRINT…

If you want to experience powerful LIGHT-BULB MOMENTS that are the catalyst for change, then you won't be disappointed.”

The instant and unbelievably positive audience FEEDBACK we received helped us to get EXECUTIVE BUY-IN for 3 more workshops

  • Punchy, energised workshops that deliver knowledge, insight and loads of actions
  • We synthesise peer-reviewed research from the positive psychology, business and high-performance fields to deliver the latest science and thinking
  • Our work is designed and facilitated from a deep operational grounding. our content is relevant, built for workplace environments – ‘warts and all’
  • We design for high levels of inter-activity, audience activity and participation
  • We can deliver one-off workshops or large deployments across the organisation
  • Our service includes providing you with audience insights and workshop feedback

Modern Leader Content Topics


  • ‘Leadership’ is in fact a broad series of perspectives and skills that are applied across an entire role. Effective successful leadership can be viewed across five distinct areas of awareness and competence.
  • This workshop series keeps leaders up to date on the latest thinking and tips across each area of modern leadership.
  • By deep-diving leaders have the space to consider their application of these skills across their role. They can learn about the latest concepts in thinking, behaviour and awareness.
  • The topics are inter-woven to continue learning, sharpen understanding, and move your entire leadership team forward into unified action
  • The workshops are deisnged and facilitated from a deep operational grounding. Our content is relevant, built for wokrplace environments – ‘warts and all’
  • The workshops are between 90-minutes and 2 hours long per month. We recommend 2-hours as it enables deeper dives, debate and richer outcomes.
  • The leadership workshop program currently includes six workshops which can be selected from the options shown here and delivered in an agreed order.

Interactive. Challenging. Practical. Fun.


  1. Adaptive Leadership
    Explores the needs for leaders to adopt adaptive perspective, thinking and approaches in they way they lead. It is inclusive of topics such as creating emotional safety, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment leadership, adaptive teams and adaptive goal setting
  2. Culture Leadership
    Explores how to create a highly-communicative, accountable culture. High-quality conversations, best –practice feedback practises, and leveraging constructive conflict and more are examined in this workshop
  3. People Leadership
    Explores behaviour, both our own and others and delves into how to support and enhance constructive behaviour in teams and workplaces. This workshop includes how to develop innovation orientations, unveil potential and grow talent and how to create environments of 200% accountability
  4. Performance Leadership
    Shows leaders the difference between task and performance focus, how to set shared expectations, and reset them as needed. This workshop includes balancing operation and strategy and the keys to deep collaboration with others
  5. Servant Leadership
    We deep dive into personal values proven to contribute to strong leadership and performance cultures including Humility, Vulnerability, Honesty, Curiosity, Openness, Authenticity, Resilience and Gratitude. We look at leaders strengths and areas to develop across these values
  6. Operational Leadership
    This workshop is about effective implementation including high-quality meetings, effective agenda’s, engaging one on one’s, working with flexibility and adaptability, and navigating change

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“Our team described this Resilience and Grit workshop as ‘INSPIRATIONAL’, ‘AWESOME’, ‘INTERESTING’ AND ‘DEEPLY MOTIVATING.’ The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to run a marathon (rather than get worn out by the sprint) by prompting lots of focus on how we stay focussed and ‘gritty’ in ACHIEVING GOALS and how we help ourselves and genuinely support each other to be more RESILIENT.”

Deborah Greenwood-Smith HR Director, Equiem