Short Workshops

The Mind Your Head workshop had the FASTEST SIGN-UP of any workshop we have offered

The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to RUN A MARATHON, rather than get WORN OUT BY THE SPRINT…

If you want to experience powerful LIGHT-BULB MOMENTS that are the catalyst for change, then you won't be disappointed.”

The instant and unbelievably positive audience FEEDBACK we received helped us to get EXECUTIVE BUY-IN for 3 more workshops

  • Punchy, energised workshops that deliver knowledge, insight and loads of actions
  • We synthesise peer-reviewed research from the positive psychology, business and high-performance fields to deliver the latest science and thinking
  • Our work is designed and facilitated from a deep operational grounding. Our content is relevant, built for workplace environments – ‘warts and all’
  • We design for high levels of inter-activity, audience activity and participation
  • We can deliver one-off workshops or large deployments across the organisation
  • Our service includes providing you with audience insights and workshop feedback

Cultivating Strengths

Team and individual strengths are what helps you find a way
Interactive engagement & technology
Audience resources & handouts
Audience activities & participation
Real-time audience feedback


Has been called the whisper that roars. Research shows it is a must have for sustainable leadership, and high performing team cultures

Participants will

  1. Be clear about what Humility is, and isn’t
  2. Understand the research on the benefits of being humble in life and work
  3. Understand the core attributes of humility, and how it ‘shows up’ in a person and in an organisation
  4. Receive practical tips, and tools for cultivating a greater level of Humility


Step beyond SMART goals, they are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s goal hierarchies that organise, motivate and sustain high performance

Participants will

  • Understand the type of goals that motivate, and those that don’t
  • Hear jaw-dropping research about goal effectiveness
  • Learn how to set high quality, effective goals every time
  • Learn how to explain goal effectiveness to others


Gratitude is associated with many work and life benefits. In this workshop we review the research and de-mystify the role of Gratitude in the workplace. Cultivating high levels of gratitude in team environments can be transformative  

Participants will:

  • Learn how cultivating a sense of gratitude protects our well-being, health and achievement levels.
  • Understand how people experience gratitude in the heart, mind and body
  • Get serious about the role of gratitude in the workplace, and what happens when it is absent
  • Receive really practical tips and tools on recognising, displaying and cultivating gratitude in ourselves and others


Grit is our ability to achieve long term difficult goals, and resilience is our ability to adapt to life. Cultivated together this powerhouse combination helps us to focus on the BIG goals, and adapt effectively until we achieve them

Participants will:

  • Learn what resilience and grit are, and what they aren’t
  • Learn why resilience and grit are essential, and accessible to everyone
  • Understand what level of grit and resilience they already possess
  • Receive practical tips on how to cultivate greater resilience and grit every day


Questions are an invisible force for performance, results, inclusion and meaning. When we ask questions of others it stimulates pathway thinking in their brain activating thinking, curiosity, and problem solving. Learn the art of asking the questions that elevate performance

Participants will:

  • Understand how questioning promotes curiosity and problem solving in the brain
  • Learn how to frame high quality questions to understand a situation, opportunity or problem more fully
  • Understand learner/knower mindsets and how these impact questioning
  • Receive practical tips and tools for cultivating a questioning mindset and approach


The ability to be aware of, understand and manage our emotions and emotional states is a pre-requisite for personal effectiveness and life happiness. This workshop de-mystifies emotional intelligence and demonstrates practical ways being emotional intelligent helps us perform at work and in life

Participants will:

  • Learn what emotional intelligence is and isn’t
  • Understand the life and work benefits of cultivating higher emotional intelligence
  • Discuss areas of personal experience opportunity and growth
  • Receive practical tools and tips for cultivating their levels of emotional intelligence

*Courses are available in 90-minutes workshop, ½  day workshop, keynote event or create your own event.

“Our team described this Resilience and Grit workshop as ‘INSPIRATIONAL’, ‘AWESOME’, ‘INTERESTING’ AND ‘DEEPLY MOTIVATING.’ The Grit and Resilience workshop has helped to set us up to run a marathon (rather than get worn out by the sprint) by prompting lots of focus on how we stay focussed and ‘gritty’ in ACHIEVING GOALS and how we help ourselves and genuinely support each other to be more RESILIENT.”

Deborah Greenwood-Smith HR Director, Equiem