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The topic of self-trust comes up a lot in coaching groups. Many of us walk through life not quite trusting ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves to live well, to create the life we have the potential for, to go after and chase our goals. Often the mind-story says.. “You have too many failed goal attempts, you have too much negative self-talk, too many important goals you haven’t achieved, too many dreams you haven’t pursued or risked…” and so on.

The outcome? We doubt that we will make the most of our lives.

It can be pretty devastating to clearly understand and accept that we don’t trust that we’re our own safe set of hands. This is such a barrier to growth. How do we rescue ourselves from feeling and living this way?

• By accepting with compassion that this is actually how we feel about ourselves
• Start counteracting the self-talk with the truth – successes we have achieved, excellent decisions we have made, goals we are committed to
• By staying true to our personal values

When we trust that we are our own pair of safe hands, that we are safe with ourselves, everything changes. Everything! Research shows that confidence soars, judgement improves, creativity returns and productivity improves. Trust Yourself Today.

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