Resistance to change, or resistance to changing?

In the workshop Thriving on Change we look at the difference between resistance to change and resistance to changing.

Changing the way we work, the tools we use, who we work with, or our type of work can be hard. This is especially truse if we have had little or no input, and expectations, and likely outcomes aren’t clear to us.

Our reactions during these times can be “Well our Leaders haven’t.., they didn’t.., they won’t..” etc. I have been here a few times in my own career, it can be an ugly, reactive, and bleak space of blame.

Research shows 80% of us will be involved in at least one major change at work this year… If you find yourself feeling this way, some practices that might help you are:

1) ‘Drop the drama’ – our negativity holds difficulties in place
2) Acknowledge and accept how you feel, and that how you feel is perfectly okay
3) Make choices based on your values, rather than reactive sets of emotions

We all both willingly step into change when we want to, and we also get thrust into it by our environment. ‘Change’ is never going away, because, far from being a ‘human thing,’ change is the beating heart of how the universe works.

Every event offers an opportunity to evolve, and our values are the compass that can steer us in the right direction

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