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The keynote on HUMILITY challenged our thinking about how Humility works and what it contributes. The session inspired us to think about OUR OWN LEVELS OF HUMILITY.

Just WOW! Loved this presentation! So many nuggets and resonated so well - Loved the session and discussion around surviving to thrive throughout my career journey - Incredibly insightful and inspiring!

The 30-day challenge option was great. It forced us all to EMBED. To apply our learning the very next day, and keep the BEHAVIOUR CHANGE FRONT OF MIND

This session DE-MYSTIFIED VULNERABILITY and GRATITUDE for us. Even the sceptics loved it, and saw the business benefits

  • Dynamic, engaging, business essential, keynote presentations that are both professionally and personally relevant for high performance cultures
  • Superb facilitation supported by foundational expertise
  • Plenty of audience interactivity and involvement
  • 30 – 60 minute options available
  • We incorporate your organisational context and values
  • We work with any audience size

Our Keynote Presentation Topics

Whilst VALUES define, it is SKILLS that enable. We integrate both into every keynote presentation.

Values – the ultimate competitive edge

Conversations – the invisible force driving your performance

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“I found Deb’s session to be REALLY REFRESHING. All too often these style of sessions are either airy fairy and neglect the reality of a professional workplace; or are so shallow in depth they don’t address the emotional and deeper significance of resilience and wellness. I thought Deb’s really HIT THE MARK.”

Participant, Women in leadership Developing Resilience Key Note

Values - The Competitive Edge

The research on character values overwhelmingly demonstrates that organisations with strong sets of lived values are able to harness the collective power they bring to elevate performance, engagement and customer satisfaction.

In this keynote presentation we address the ancient and modern research into values, we demystify what they are and how values work. We take participants through the latest positive psychology and high-performance thinking and research. It’s fascinating!

THEN we apply all of that to the workplace. What does GRATITUDE look like in a Manager, or VULNERABILITY, AWARENESS or HUMILITY. How can these show-up in the workplace frequently and in meaningful ways.

We can usually incorporate specific content about your organisations values, and take your team on a deeper dive into how these values unite us, and collectively improve our performance, our relationships and our lives

Conversations - The Invisible Force Driving Your Performance

CONVERSATIONS – face to face, by phone, over email, between groups, clients, employees and leaders – are what powers the journey from STRATEGY to IMPLEMENTATION, from idea to launch, and from plan to execution.

The quality, calibre and focus of your conversations directly impacts your organisations PERFORMANCE, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. (Crucial Conversations, 2011). Yet, because conversations are so commonplace, we tend to take them for granted.

In this keynote presentation we challenge CONVERSATION COMPLACENCY, and we de-bunk the thinking that only difficult or challenging conversations matter.

Instead we ignite energy, and curiosity about the small changes that fuel more POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS. We show how simple changes make a huge difference to others, and how these IMPROVE PERFORMANCE and foster STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS.  We show audiences how they can make the most of every conversation they have.

Condensed Workshop Topics

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Navigating Change

Personal Effectiveness

Leading and Managing

Improving Performance

Cultivating Strengths

““As both chair and speaker, Deb was EXCELLENT, the theory that she was able to eject into the conversations and different topics across the two days was excellent. I would recommend Deb for future events, conferences, and executive coaches.””

Abi Thomas, Event Manager, Liquid Learning