Is Leadership a skill that can be learned?

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Can Leadership Be Learned?

The short answer to this question is YES!

When it comes to ‘Leadership’ the fundamental requirements for being a leader in an organisation fall primarily into two areas – both of which can be learned.

The first is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Leadership is not about ‘talent’ and less about Intelligence (IQ) than it is about EQ – about being an emotionally intelligent person, which is naturally applied to the way we lead. Daniel Goleman, and many others have confirmed that emotional intelligence – the ability to understand your own and the emotions of others is a critical skill, not just in leadership but in general life satisfaction and success.

Emotional intelligence is made up of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. These include sets of personal or character values such as Humility, Vulnerability, Compassion and Empathy. See our previous blog on the massive impact of values on life satisfaction and leadership effectiveness. When we work with emerging leaders’ in our leadership programs, self-awareness and emotional intelligence are where we start.

Because leadership is not just about having ‘the meeting’ or doing the ‘public speaking’ or holding ‘the one on one’ – anyone can do these – it is in how you do these that makes you a good or great leader. Whether you are a senior leader, executive or project leader or a new leader or manager, your level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence – that ability to know yourself and read the room as the meeting happens, or in the individual catch-up is the difference between resonating or not resonating with your team.

If you don’t resonate, your leadership contribution becomes irrelevant

The second requirement for leaders is having leadership skill-sets.

What are leadership skill-sets? These simple (but not easy) skills are what enables leaders to breathe life into their own, and the emotional intelligence of others, along with technical skills to drive performance in the workplace, with their team or on a project.

Powered by emotional intelligence, leaders who have strong skill-sets are able to achieve three consistent outcomes that set them apart from lesser leaders or managers, these are:

  1. They drive performance – they are focused on results (not just tasks)
  2. They build strong relationships – these are goal focused relationships
  3. They unveil and create potential – they can see new ways optimise

What goes into consistently achieving these three levels of outcome?

Good leaders adaptively apply emotional intelligence to the full spectrum of leadership tasks and focus. Far from being only great at one thing, great leaders are on-fire across the full scope of their leadership role.  From holding high-quality conversations where workplace values, performance expectations and conflict leverage are made explicit. Through to demonstrating adaptive leadership by fully embracing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) and enabling or teaching their team to do the same.

We find in our work that many leaders are so busy they can lose sight of the breadth and power base from which they have to influence. Beyond our 1-year leadership program we have recently launched a new series of six workshops called The Leadership Series, these are designed to educate and inspire leaders on the latest thinking about leadership and empower them to adopt leading – edge leadership behaviours.

 The Leadership Series

The Leadership Courses Skills Training classes Program

The Leadership Series is perfect for any level of leader or manager who wants to re-fresh their thinking and keep updating their leadership skills

What we hope to demonstrate to leaders in our work every day, through all our workshops and through our 1-year leadership program is that leadership skills can be learned, and honed.

New leaders can learn to nail-it and experienced leaders can continue to grow their emotional intelligence and their leadership skill-sets throughout their career and expand these to almost limitless levels of skill, insight and application – all the while creating more impact on those around them and the companies they serve, and benefitting their own lives along the way.

You can find out more about our range of workshops and programs at www.theamplifygroup.com.au or at My LinkedIn page, or contact us at admin@theamplifygroup.com.au

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