Our Team

Deb Assheton Premier Executive Coach & Leadership Skills Training Consultant

Deb Assheton is the founder of The Amplify Group. Deb is a dynamic facilitator, speaker and coach who is able to expertly weave together personal and business aspirations. Deb is able to deepen meaning and practically coach effective behaviour change with leaders and employees.

Deb has 15 years of executive and senior operational leadership experience combined with 20 years of deep personal growth and practice which means Deb brings a genuine understanding of how human behaviour contributes to personal and business effectiveness.

Deb holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a Masters of Organisational Coaching from Sydney University.

Gabby Moir has over 10 years’ experience as a Consultant at one of the world’s leading people development organisations. Gabby has researched, designed, facilitated and embedded global award winning Leadership, Personal and Professional Development programs to enable some of the world’s leading companies to become more effective and competitive by developing their people.

At ease with people from all walks of life, Gabby’s warmth and curiosity make her a natural at drawing out information about complicated situations and dynamics. She has a knack for getting to heart of issues and for making sense of people and information.

Gabby holds a Masters of Organisational Coaching from Sydney University

Clare Rosso has 15 years’ experience leading, implementing and engaging employees in sustainable organisational change. Having worked as both an employee and a consultant Clare has extensive experience working with operational leaders and their employees to create operational step changes that align to strategy.

Clare has worked across a broad range of industries including Construction, Telecommunications, Motoring and Education. Passionate about learning, and change – big and small, Clare is deeply curious about what motivates, moves and inspires each of us to step into and sustain personal change. Clare’s creative and pragmatic approach support an ability to connect with and mobilise people at all levels, and make change happen.

Julie Alexander is a practicing maverick and thought leader on company culture. She’s also a business performance strategist and consultant.

As CEO and founder of CHANGING CHANGE INTERNATIONAL (CCI), Julie has a particular focus – making companies great places to work.
Julie and her team help clients realise high impact outcomes and dramatic shifts in performance through changing the way change happens using
the Culture IncorporatedTM model to attune three critical areas: CULTURE, TEAMS and BUSINESS.

Rebecca Cameron has over 12 years’ experience in corporate communications, including heading up the Internal Communications function for three large companies in Sydney. During my career I’ve established a broad range of communications skills. Writing is my passion. I enjoy taking business information and turning it into something compelling that people will actually read.

We live in a world where companies can no longer write for an ‘audience’. They need to treat their readers as ‘participants’ in a conversation. So, understanding the right message and channel for the people you’re speaking with is so, so important.

Melanya Polanta is a qualified Psychologist and HR Professional, specialising in Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching at all levels, OD strategy, design & implementation, Organisational Psychology and Mediation.

Specifically, I specialise in the proactive practices of positive human behavioural management, high-impact and action-oriented leadership coaching and finding solutions to boost organisational performance through simple processes and attention to authentic and dynamic leadership, always aligned to organisational strategy. With a strong HR, L&D/OD and facilitated change management for optimum results background, I act with drive and passion for high results for both people and organisations.

Available for consultancy, public speaking, mentoring and corporate & commercial mediation.

Our mission is to help people live
strengths-based and values-led lives.

At The Amplify Group we believe in Shared Aspiration – that all of our aspirations are ultimately aligned, and that we all benefit when we grow and win together. We believe all businesses have an important role to play in improving the lives of everyone they touch and connect with.

We are committed to supporting this abundant cycle in businesses and we love to work with businesses to foster and develop personal effectiveness one employee, one value and one strength at a time.

Employees who bring awareness, confidence, curiosity, courage, empathy and clarity to their work are the employees who drive conscious business performance and create customer advocates. We love to be the partner who helps employees develop the skills to live this way, and quite literally transform their organisation and their own lives.

Leaders who, with skill, humility, bravery, honesty and mindfulness can coach, inspire and harness the values, energy and passion of their employees, are the leaders who consciously expand and grow the people and business they serve. We love to share practical, tactical, constructive and effective ways to implement values and strengths so that Leaders can live this reality every day.