1 Year Senior Leadership Skills Training Program

Most leadership programs focus on educating about leadership, which explains the think-do gap in many leaders today. Our program helps leaders understand and embed positive behaviour change within 12-months.

Real. Sustained. Powerful behaviour change.

1 Year Senior Leadership Skills Training Program

Embed & Understand in


Positive Behaviour Change

Inter-Personal Skills

5-Phase Program

Leadership Mindsets

Training Sessions are

50% Practice

With Live Feedback

Apply Your New Skills

The Next Day

In the Real-World Workplace

100% Satisfied Australian Business Leaders

I have personal witnessed the LIFE CHANGING IMPACT of this conversations skills workshop. It is a GAME-CHANGER

People felt their SKILLS INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY with each successive turn. They hoped that everyone will get the chance to participate. Everyone saw and felt a very noticeable step up in SKILLS

‘CHALLENGING’, ‘POWERFUL’. This was an EYE-OPENING course for me. I finally understand how I trip myself up and how change that

The course prompted an obvious yet powerful epiphany for me, that is, just how much "leverage" there is to HIGH QUALITY FEEDBACK. This is particularly true for those of us who don't actually do much real work ourselves but rather WORK THROUGH OTHERS!

We Develop Leaders To:

  • Demonstrate highly constructive behaviours in any workplace environment
  • Operate at a consistently highly accountable level
  • Focus on performance (beyond task) whilst building effective relationships
  • Give the confidence to have any workplace conversation with anyone on any topic
  • Create givers and receivers of high-quality feedback
  • Create and leverage constructive conflict
  • Generate high-value outputs from invested time in meetings, 1:1’s and performance cycles
  • Demonstrate personal and company values explicitly
  • Adapt effectively to operational change such as flexible working and restructures
  • Operate with expanded self-awareness and an internalised accountability to learn and grow

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We’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest brands, and are confident we can take you and your organisation to the next level.

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Technical and professional expertise get you to the starting line

Your organisations ability to successfully turn strategy into action, and goals into results, is largely determined by the behaviour of leaders. We show leaders and teams how to embed high-performance behaviours so they can deliver results and engagement in any environment.

Our Leadership Training

Looking for something different?

  • We don’t focus on leadership goals, we focus on behaviour goals and self-standards, and then work with your leaders in a structured way to achieve them, naturally attaining leadership skills.
  • Our comprehensive five-phase program tackles self-awareness, inter-personal skills, personal organisation and leadership mindsets
  • We build and hone the personal skills that enable leaders to perform including conversations skills training, feedback training, effective operations, setting and managing expectations, goal setting, cultivating values, conflict resolution, managing performance, building strong relationships and many more.
  • Our skills training and workshops are renowned for high levels of immersion, challenge and learning. Our training sessions are over 50% practice with live feedback
  • Our skills courses are deeply grounded in real-world workplace situations and issues. Our content is immediately applicable. These skills can be applied the next day
  • We use empirically valid psychological frameworks and tools that are proven, relevant and suitable for the workplace
  • We can integrate any organisational or 360’ instruments into our programs, and can also tailor to align to strategy and organisational values
The program utilises a mixture of individual and group work, workshops, group coaching, individual action setting and standards. Your employees can also attend many of the performance workshops offered as part of the program